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Update Information

The 1.1.1 patch was distributed on July 14. Please apply the updated data.


[Added functions]

Added aviation obstacle lights to chimneys, station buildings, and harp bridges.

When two trains are trying to enter the station at the same time, they will be able to enter the station platform at the same time if the train interval is 0.


[Bug fixes]

Fixed a bug that caused the save safety process to fail.

A signal station cannot be built on an elevated track.

In the return sightseeing route, if there is a station just before a neighboring town that does not have passenger service and is not on the return sightseeing route, the sightseeing route will be lost.

The accounting process for purchasing resources from neighboring towns by freight train is wrong.

When copying a train operation plan, if the destination of the copy goes out of the screen, the copy status becomes "Name" when it is displayed in the screen again.

When copying a train operation plan, the target cannot be selected for each number 9.

The estimated arrival time of the station in the train operation plan is off by 20 seconds for each stop.

If a road is on a paved slope, a building can be built on it.

When a T-junction and an exit of a multilevel intersection are adjacent to each other, buses will overlap.

When constructing a building on the beach, there will be no support in the sea.


If the software is unstable when saving, we have taken measures to complete the save on priority.

In this case, a dialog will appear. Please restart the software once.





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