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I purchased Neo ATLAS 1469, but there is no manual.

This game does not have instruction manual.
Please see the tutorial to learn how to play Neo ATLAS 1469.

Do you have a walk-through manual / a bonus CD? Or can I purchase these?

The bonus CD is enclosed for a limited time only for the Japanese version. Also, no schedule for sale is available at this moment.
The walk-through manual can be obtained only in the Japanese "Guidebook Pack" version.
Please understand that there is no the walk-through manual for the English version.

Can I play Neo ATLAS 1469 with touchscreen controls?

Basically you can control by touching icons on the screen.
As mentioned below, please note that some operations need to touch and hold.
To pull out a pin on the map, touch and hold the pin on the map after closing 「the『pin』 function」.
Then, drag the pin to the angel in the upper right corner of the screen, and release your finger from the screen. This allows you to store the pin.
*Some operations do not support touchscreen.

"Cannot find XX" or "An event does not occur" etc.

The appearance of the world will change as you proceed.
So if areas related to an event may not exist, you are not able to join the event.
In that case, either playing again with the previous save data or multiple playthroughs is the only way to avoid the situation.

How can I clear up the clouds over landlocked areas?

When you clear up the clouds over the coastal areas, then clouds over landlocked area will fade away automatically.

I purchased the English, Chinese (Traditional / Simplified) or Korean version of Neo ATLAS 1469. Can I switch the language to Others?

To switch the language to Others, please go to System Settings > System on the Nintendo Switch console screen.
Chinese (Traditional / Simplified) and Korean Language Add-On can only be applied to the products published by STUDIOARTDINK.

My Nintendo Switch Pro controller does not work with wireless connection when Joy-Con is attached with the Switch console in table mode.

Please remove the Joy-Con from the Switch console and try Nintendo Switch Pro controller instead.
If the solution does not work, the cause may come from console functions.
Please go to the Nintendo Official Website for details.

Joy-Con not responding or responding incorrectly when used wirelessly such as wireless LAN, Bluetooth and NFC.

Joy-Con should be licensed for wireless communication requirements in your country of residence.
Please contact Nintendo for more details.

What are the differences between the Steam version?

Deletion of the export function of world view and the trophy function related to Steam, and the modification of UI.
*Nintendo Switch version also has the HistoryPoint function as Steam, unlike PlayStation®Vita.



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