ver1.0.5 patch has been released.


[Bug Fixes]

Vehicle stickers disappear when entering underground or tunnels.

Some land is recorded as a huge donation.

Cargo trains do not load and unload resources as specified.

Some of the clear conditions in the construction scenario could not be achieved.

Longer scenarios will not play in Construction.

Material factory's normal sales will be zero.

Tourists do not get off the ferry and the number of tourists increases

Station renovation freezes depending on surrounding conditions

The pantograph is not displayed correctly when the pantograph setting is set to "2nd car" in "Car Development".

[Added functions]

Press and hold the B button to close all menus and return to the main screen.

Use the left button to pause/resume mass control.

ZR button hides the characters in the railroad track, road, bank, and securities menus.

Become the president of

a railroad company !

A-Train: All Aboard Tourism is a business simulation game

in which you use the railroad to help towns develop.


In the world of A-Train,

people gather around stations, gradually developing the surrounding town.

As president of your very own railroad company,

you are free to build stations and lay train lines as you see fit.


What kind of railroad will you create? How will you develop the town?

All these choices and more are yours to make.

However, as company president,

your job is about more than just developing the transportation network.


It's important that you decorate your town by establishing subsidiaries

and advertise your company to increase your band power.

The bigger your company grows,

the more freedom you will have to develop the town, bringing it ever closer to your ideal.


Tourism-based urban planning

In each town, you will find a variety of tourist attractions,

from idyllic hot spring districts to ancient historical castles.


There are many tourists who would love to visit these locations at least once.

However, whether these locations ever reach their full potential

depends entirely on your skill.


If a destination is difficult to reach, it will receive few visitors,

regardless of how stunning its sights may be.

Use the railroad, bus lines, and even ferries to envision and enable enjoyable holidays.


Your success will surely be reflected in the number of tourists flocking to your town.



All aboard!

Tourism is a one-way ticket to urban planning!

Any town you can envision is yours to create!


Do you want to see a highly developed metropolis?

Perhaps a quiet town, tucked away in the shadow of its beautiful tourist attractions?

How about a bustling city with a highly efficient transportation network?


You decide the town's future.

This story is yours, told with the help of your friends and associates.


Now, it's time to get started on tourism planning

and begin working towards your ideal city!


Product Information

Supported Platform







Release date


Planning / Development


Nintendo Switch


Package (South Korea / Hong Kong / Taiwan)

City Management Simulation

1 player

English / Japanese / Korean

and Chinese (Simplified / Traditional)

Friday, March 12 2021



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